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A real swashbuckler of a cat with a lot of energy, drive, and daring. Aries cats love being where the action is and will not back away from a fight. With a strong sense of self and a me-first attitude, they hate standing on the sidelines and will try to dominate others around them. Spontaneous and impatient, they are first at the food dish, and the toms are first in line for the queens.


A cat who loves the good things in life--a soft cushion, a special place of its own, and gourmet dinners. Laid-back, adagio, and very sensual, Taurus cats choose food, stroking, and massage. So much "good stuff," however, could lead to, well, pudge. Taurus cats are possessive of the things they love, and they can be stubborn. Once habits are acquired, they're hard to break, so train these cats early.


A curious and playful cat who doesn't want to miss a trick. Gemini cats are alert, clever, quick-witted, and interesting in everything. Variety is the spice of their lives; they choose a little of this and a little of that--but not too much of one thing. They are great communicators and usually enjoy "talking" (or talking back) to whoever is around. Concentration is not their strong point.


The homebody of the cat world. Cats born under the sign of Cancer love the security of a warm hearth (or a warm bed). They are sensitive and can be somewhat shy and moody, but they will purr with pleasure at a little TLC. Queens make good mothers, and toms like to be mothered. They love the night hours, and, in their own quiet way, they are very tenacious about getting what they want.


Truly the cat who would be king." The Leo cat is proud, regal, and dramatic. Leos like center stage and usually get it. They love flattery and having a fuss made over them. Their vanity, however, will not tolerate belittling, and if you ever make fun of them, they might just go off to seek an appreciative audience elsewhere. But given their royal "due," they will be the happiest and most loving of cats--and lord it over you with the greatest aplomb


A very intelligent and discriminating aristocrat. Virgo cats demand only the best and look down upon anything or anyone who is less than perfect. No dirty litter boxes or day-old food for these connoisseurs--they keep themselves neat and clean and expect their environments to be kept the same way. Virgos have a sense of what seems "right" and can become nervous if things are not "just so." If you win the approval of this cat, you've been bestowed the greatest of compliments


Unhappy alone, a good friend to all. Cats born in Libra need interaction with others--felines, humans, or even Fido. Usually very beautiful, they have a refined nature and a love of peace and harmony. Too much discord and loud noise can mean nervousness and misery for them. Libra cats often have trouble making up their minds, like whether or not to go out while you stand there with the door open. But they are so charming and attractive that most humans are happy to be a part of their lives.


The animal of sensuous magnetism. The Scorpio cat is intense, passionate, and mysterious. Scorpios have strong desires and expect to get what they want. They will size up a situation instantly, and they can seduce you into doing whatever they want and have you think it was your idea. In fact, they can push your buttons so expertly that you will enjoy being manipulated. But don't cross swords with them -- you are sure to lose!


A live wire with a yen adventure. Sagittarius cats are always ready to explore what's just around the corner or go out to conquer a new world. Very athletic, they will delight you with acrobatic feats and yowl loudly if their needs for exercise and activity are not met. Yet as they get older, they will develop a philosophical bent and prefer to sit on the front porch and contemplate where they have been and what they have done.


The status-seeker. The Capricorn cat wants to climb to the top--so watch out for your curtains and look for these cats on the top of furniture or shelving (as close to the ceiling as they can get). Capricorns are serious, cautious, deliberate, and determined, and they work heard at whatever they do. They even work hard at playing! Somewhat insecure, they thrive in a positive environment and appreciate warmth and attention, although they usually won't admit it.


The original "KrazyKat." Aquarius cats are unpredictable, and that's how they like it! Just when you think they're your best friends, they become remote and detached, looking down at you from a distant perspective. Independence and individuality are their watchwords. With a strange electricity in their nature, they may appear downright "flaky" at times, and they often can't resist rebelling against what is expected or upsetting the status quo-just because. Yet the Aquarius cat is friendly and generally tolerant of your foibles.


A sweet and dreamy cat who finds it easy to "make-believe." The Pisces cat can spend a lot of time entertaining both itself and you with imaginary scenarios. Deeply sensitive both physically and emotionally, their hearts yearn for total oneness with you (on their terms, of course). Their taste usually runs to seafood, and a little water is less likely to bother them than most members of the feline species. Be aware of what you are feeling when you're with a Pisces cat because they are very impressionable and tend to absorb your moods!